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Client - Designer Relationship




There may be nothing more personal than your home... your escape at the end of the day from the hectic world outside. Finding a designer who you are comfortable with, who is willing to embrace your style, who can listen carefully and understand your goals and priorities and who you will enjoy working with is extremely important. Ideally, you want to find someone who will ensure that at the end of the project, your home reflects who you are, not who your designer is.



Clear communication and understanding of your budget and how you prefer to work together are critical to a successful project.



Read the descriptions below so that you can identify your "client type" and so that I may understand the best way to work with you.





Budget Considerations:

Best-bargain client:  "I am willing to compromise a bit on selection options and decisions in order to meet a fixed budget."

Balanced budget client:  "I am willing to splurge on some items to create a “look”, conserve on other selections to stay within my budget range."

The-sky’s-the-limit client:  "I desire my “dream” result.  No expense is too great to achieve my goal."

Design Involvement Considerations:

You-do-it client:  “I am very busy.  I have no time to shop.  Just do it for me and make it look nice.”

Let’s-do-it-together client:  “I want this to be a partnership.  I’ll give you a lot of input up front regarding my style so that my home will reflect my personality.  I will plan, meet or shop with you when it makes sense and delegate tasks to you when it makes sense.  We will spend time together to review and finalize my selections before implementing our joint design.”

Just-tell-me-it’s-ok client:  “I think I know what I’m doing, but I’ve never done decorating or remodeling before, so I’m uncomfortable making final decisions.  Just give me some design tips and guidance, but I’ll do it myself.  I may want you to look at my choices now and then and voice your opinion.”





Implementation Considerations:

I need a GC client:  “I need help with not only the design, but the implementation.  I'm looking for a turnkey solution.”

I have my own subcontractors client:  “I have my own team of subcontractors to implement my project.  I am just looking for design guidance.”

I have my own GC client:  “I already have a GC for my project.  I need design guidance only."