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Decorating Tips...






Dive in... Although decorating may feel overwhelming to you, find the courage to start. Sometimes we procrastinate what is outside of our comfort zone. Interview designers to find someone with whom you can easily communicate and who understands your vision and style. Then just do it.





Remember it's your home... There are as many opinions as there are designers. Remember that you get to cast the final vote. At the end of the day, the goal is not to impress your friends, but to create a home that makes you feel good and provides a welcome retreat from the outside world.





Think about your lifestyle... Do you need a place for the kids to play? Do you like to entertain? Are you a gourmet cook? Do you need a quiet corner to read? Think about what you like to do and the space you need to do it. Communicate these preferences to your designer from the get-go.






Color... Don't feel compelled to use the trendy colors. Think about what you have in your closet... we wear what we like. The colors that appeal to you will endure. Do you like warm or cool colors? Try to create a flow from room to room with color. A touch of green in each room will bring the outdoors in and provide energy to the room.




Lighting... Consider having multiple sources of lighting in each room: overhead lighting, ambiance lighting, lamps, and natural lighting. Ensure you have sufficient bright lighting in work areas. Dimmer switches are wonderful for providing ambiance.




The rule of three... Odd numbers almost always look better in groupings or arrangements than even numbers... 1, 3, 5.




Try to communicate your "style" to your design partner... Usually, the easiest way to do this is to clip photos out of magazines or advertisements. A picture can be worth a thousand words.


Look at your possessions with a new eye... Sometimes you will find "buried treasure" in your own home. Think about repurposing. A mirror might become a tray. An ottoman may become a table. A mink coat may become a throw.



Declutter... Nothing can ruin a wonderful design like clutter. If you have a beautiful granite countertop, make sure that you can see it. Develop the organizational systems and storage spaces so that clutter doesn't sabotage your design.



Stay flexible... Sometimes the best decorating ideas occur as you are in process. Don't be afraid to modify your course if a better idea comes along. And know when to stop. Sometimes less is more.




Take it in steps... If your project seems too big, break it into multiple smaller projects that fit your time and budget. You don't have to do the entire house at once.