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Design philosophy ...

Your home should reflect your style.

Your home should meet your needs, the way you live.  Consider convenience and lifestyle.

There are no right and wrong answers in design, only opinions.

If you work with a designer, find one with whom you are personally comfortable and with whom you can easily communicate. 





Design tips ...

Look in your closet for colors.  Do not feel compelled to use the “in” colors.  Choose colors that you like that comfort you.

Collect photos from magazines that reflect your preferred look and style as a starting point.

Think about the environments - homes, resorts, restaurants in which you have felt most comfortable.

Invest time in planning upfront so that you are not disappointed with your end result.

Find a compatible mentor-coach-cheerleader-designer.

Everything does not, even should not, match exactly.

Work to create balance and flow.

Dive in and don’t second-guess yourself.

Have fun!




Design tools ...



Through the use of product boards, drawings, and computer-aided design tools (CAD), you will be able to visualize your design in advance and feel comfortable with your selections.