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Before and After Staging Photo Gallery

See the impact that Staging can have on owner occupied homes...

Before and After Home Exterior: Buyers won't buy what they can't see. Trimming the trees and shrubs,
repairing the fountain, replacing light bulbs and painting the exterior transformed this exterior

pic 2
Before and After Den: By clearing toys and clutter, adding furniture that was overcrowding other rooms,
and adding accessories and greenery, the room was re-purposed to create an inviting space.

Before and After Powder Room: The changes were minor - a new coat of paint,
some accessories, artwork and new towels. The impact is dramatic.

Before and After Kitchen: With countertop clutter removed, fresh towels and artwork the buyer can "see"
the kitchen working space. There was no cost associated with these quick improvements.

Before and After Dining Room: By painting over busy outdated wallpaper, removing excess furniture and clutter,
and renting a dining table and chairs, the room appears larger and buyers can envision themselves
enjoying the room for its intended purpose.

Before and After Master Bedroom: Pillows were placed strategically to create the illusion of a headboard.
Nice, unused, trimmed sheets were folded back to mask an old bedspread and create a more inviting bed.
An extra lamp and accessories were borrowed from other rooms and found unused in the owner's closets.
Keeping the lamps on during showings kept the room bright and welcoming.
Fresh clippings from the back yard added an important natural element.
There was no "cost" associated with any of these improvements.

Before and After Master Seating Area: The oversized, overstuffed furniture was moved to the garage.
Extra chairs were brought in from an overcrowded dining. The combination of the lighter furniture,
the extra lamp, and the mirror enlarge the space and make a more inviting conversational seating area.

See the impact of "Staging for Life"...

Before and After Bedroom: As owner needs changed, a little girl's room was transformed to a guest room
with a minimal investment - a can of spray paint to transform the iron bed, new bedding,
and two pre-made drapery panels trimmed with a coordinating fabric to give the room a "custom" look.

Before and After Office Bookcase: A formica countertop was replaced using a travertine remnant.
Faux stain and bronze hardware improved the richness of the cabinetry. Fewer well-placed accessories
in addition to painting the ceiling the same color as the walls contribute to a more calming environment.

See the impact that Staging can have on vacant homes:

Before and After Vacant Dining Room: "Just enough" furniture and accessories were used
to allow the buyer to visualize how the dining space could be used.

Before and After Vacant Bedroom: On this project the builder provided some basic furnishings as a starting point.
The two side tables made the bedroom look small so they were stacked to create a dresser.
The furnishings were placed at angles to open up more space in the room.
Linens, art and accessories completed a welcoming look.